Welcome to Little Learner Academy!

We are a family run business that is committed to provide early childhood education through age and developmentally appropriate activities, based on child-centeredness and problem solving. Our teachers are warm, nurturing and knowledgeable of child development, trained, and committed to the education of young children.

Our five locations offer a wide variety of hours and programs to accommodate the working parent. Beyond childcare we offer both pre-k and kindergarten programs which include an advanced phonics program and creative curriculums based on state standards and current research.

Infant and Toddler

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your infants and toddlers to explore and grow. Our staff are trained in CPR, first aid, and in caring for the special needs of our infants. Great care is taken in providing for each baby's natural interests, Your child will receive a solid foundation for all his or her future learning.

1 - 2 YEARS

Emphasizes learning through play. Daily curriculum provides hands on activities using manipulative materials. Indoor and outdoor activities are planned to encourage learning through discovery in a fun way.

2 - 3 YEARS

We offer a combination of structured activities and creative play to help your child grow and learn socially, emotionally and academically.

3 - 5 YEARS

Child centered and based upon the belief that children benefit from an environment that offers many opportunities to explore, create and interact. Your child will be prepared for the transition to a kindergarten program.

School Aged

We provide a safe environment with constructive activities for energetic boys and girls. The children can do homework, receive help, and engage in supervised recreational activities.